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God's Word

Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. –Matthew 18:19. You have a right to have the right connections in your prayer life. Your breakthrough rests in your prayer life. Saints, you have the power to shift the atmosphere to see the healing in your situation. As I stand in that agreement with you in my daily prayer every yoke shall be broken.

The voice of God opens doors during our prayers, so I ask you what doors are being left lock in the absence of your prayers. Are you tired of seeing others experience your hearts desire? Have you had enough of being inches short of the blessing and not understanding how you just missed it? Have you finally decided it is time to be on the receiving end of the miracle? Well here is the time to activate your prayer life at a new level and allow me to reach that with you.

Your Prayers have Power to Annihilate the Storm!

Can I share with you a secret? Would you like to know how the take change when it came to the happiness of your own life? Have you considered the secret I wish to share with you? You can eliminate the source of your conflict in your life with one simple action, the act of prayer. This is the secret; your secret prayer life with God has the power to weaken all adversity.

God desires this simple time of intimacy with you, a time where you enter the presence of the Lord opening up for God’s intercession. Our God is not a forcefully God, but he is waiting for you to invite him into your life with you. God will annihilate your storms according to your prayer request. Have you requested this storm to cease?

Allow Me To Break Yokes With You

While deep in prayer the Lord began to show me your need for a prayer partner. God told me to offer you the partner you need to move into this new season of miracles, signs and wonders. The Lord has heard your heart and continues to show me the affects that our prayers together will demonstrate in your life. But this is your time to act on what the Lord has put into motion.

You have been called to this place and this time as have I so that we can start to pray together even now. As you begin to find that you are beginning even now to pray, you will begin now to respond with your prayer request so that you and I are praying together in this time God has ordained.

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Christ‘s last words to the church were the great commission “Go and make disciples of all nations “That command was meant to be finished, and Jesus promised that it would be finished, Mtt 24:14 states,” And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations and then the end shall come “could this happen in your lifetime? What role will you play in obeying Christ’s demand?
After 2000 years, why we have not already finished.

  1. 1. No responsibility
    Most denominations practice “FUBU”FOR US BY US. They do not take responsibility for anything that does not build their own localchurch.They have no value for finishing the great commission, Do you?

  2. 2. No disciples
    Finishing the great commission requires disciples not just converts ,but most churches do not know how to effectively transform converts to disciples ,so churches are limited to what the pastor and a few leaders can do by themselves. Have you ever trained how to make the kind of disciples Jesus made?

  3. 3. No Strategy:
    While a few churches have a strategy to saturate their neighborhood plus a few remote places, hardly any have a strategy to reach the entire world ,If you would reach the entire world .would you be interested?